Love the Second Time Around {Main Line Family Photographer}

Watching a couple grow from the daunting stages of being brand new parents with a tiny newborn to seasoned parents with a toddler and their second baby is an honor.  This family has been with me since the earlier stages of my business.  I still remember talking to mom before her daughter was born.  We discussed how it seems impossible to love this second child as much as we already did the first.  That your heart was capable of that much love.  However, as all parents with multiple children know, that of course it is possible.  There is no limit on how many people you can love, even though, since you love your first child so much, it does seem impossible.  Once we got to see each other in person, we got to have a giggle at how silly we both were being since our hearts did explode with love once again.

Let us travel back in time just a few years to see their first born’s newborn session.  A future Notre Dame football player in the making.  Brand new parents trying to figure out this new world they were thrown into…baptism by fire.

Fast forward a few years, a cohesive family unit that operates like a well oiled machine.  Everyone working together and giggling along the way.

There is something so wonderful about watching a daddy with his little girl, maybe it is because she looks so much smaller in her father’s arms or maybe it is how gentle a father is with a daughter.

The first born usually has to deal with quite a transition when a new sibling comes around.  They were used to being the primary focus of both parents attention and now that focus needs to be shared.  I too am the oldest and try to be very aware of this feeling for the oldest child.  Every newborn session with an older sibling usually gets alone time with me and this little boy was happy to participate.  We had fun on his swing set during a beautiful summer day.

Every mom knows that they must multi task.  Snuggling with a good book is a wonderful way to give attention to both children.  These are the moments that every parent should have captured because they are what you will miss the most…the quiet moments together.

I love seeing images from previous sessions scattered about a house.  It warms my heart that they treasure those memories.

This was once her big brother’s bedroom.  Previously done in tans and navy blue with a hint of football.  It has now been transformed into a beautiful pink bedroom that any little girl would adore.  I love the attention to detail that mom has put into everything.  Her secret…most things came from either Etsy or Homegoods.  That is my kind of girl.  :O)

I love this mobile…another etsy find.

Aren’t these valences just precious?

Who wouldn’t want to spend time playing in a beautiful, sun filled nursery like this one?

I encourage all parents to get into the shots with their children.  These are moments that are not only captured for you but for your children.  Believe me when I say that they do not look for flaws like we do.  When they see an image with their parent they see love.  These are moments they will treasure as an adult.  The reason why people run back into burning buildings.  They are memories that make them feel safe and whole when they are adults.

Connection is one of my favorite moments to capture.  The touch, the squeeze, the handholding, and the eye contact are all ways we connect with each other.  I love how you can see the strong bond between these two already.  There is something so special between a mother and daughter relationship.  I know I would be lost without my mom.

At last, a few of the beautiful angel.

Congratulations {S} family…you are beautiful together.

2014 Fall Mini Sessions {Philadelphia Photographer}

Happy Fall everyone!  Thankfully it took until October 5th before we had to even think about putting the heat on, and that seems like it will be short lived.  Rumor has it that this winter may be just as bad as the last.  (Oh the horror!)

Thankfully, so many amazing families have signed up for sessions this October…so many, in fact, that I had to revise my mini session dates from October to November.  Some families were hoping to have prints incorporated into their sessions so I did modify things a bit.  Buying all of the digitals would be the same price, but there are two other options available as well.

Please feel free to share with any friends and family you think would be interested.  For those that refer a friend and they book, you will receive a free 8×10 with any collection.  Hope to see you next month!!!  Cheers, Claire

Philadelphia Family Photographer Mini Session

One last trip to da shore {New Jersey Beach Photographer}

The summer squeaked by with only one trip to the shore.  We couldn’t let that happen before the cold weather rolls in.  So we packed up the car and headed to the coast.  September is my favorite time to be at the beach…the crowds are gone and the weather is perfect.

Natalia is my little foodie.  She tries everything and has a diverse palate.  She really enjoys her food…so much that she will dance when she is eating.

Gavin has great plans to construct his own version of New York City’s Museum of Natural History.

See that…no one around…it is glorious.

My little foodie’s first time touching the Atlantic Ocean.  Her response:  “No, no, no.” and ran away in fear.

FYI…he is being a dinosaur.

I love hand holding.

This image is blurry and technically deficient but I love it because she is running to me while saying “I love you.” and capped it with a big hug.

I love structure in a natural environment.  The color alone makes it all so interesting to me.

Even though we don’t have the west setting sun over the ocean like the west coast, however, these little pools of water still let me capture the light.

Love having this little one constantly at my feet.

It seems like just yesterday we were a family of three and Gavin was only two and a half years old.  This session was my first blog post.  They are still some of my favorite images of them together to date.  Some have been bought by a number of companies for advertising purposes. It’s hard to believe that Gavin is so much bigger now.

tMy sweet son…he said this message says: I love spending time with you Mommy.  Heart strings pulled.

Two of my favorite images from the day…snug as a bug in a rug.  To be that little again.

After some time on the beach we hit the Ocean City Boardwalk…just in time for the sun to set.

Every once in awhile I am able to get myself into the shot too.

She looks so little next to this giant arcade.

Unfortunately, the rides were closed for the day but we were still able to keep our tradition of hitting the photo booth.  Natalia was a bit perplexed by what was happening.

To cap off the day, we were blessed with a gorgeous sky.

Until next year Jersey Shore.

Weekend in the Woods {French Creek State Park, Chester County, PA}

In keeping with our theme of carving out more quality family time, we took a trip to French Creek State Park.  It is a great state park only an hour away.  We had spectacular weather and a fantastic time.  Removing all technology and distractions allowing us to focus on each other.  Plus the fact that there were no toys to clean up or laundry to do really makes it easy on mom.

Brand New Sink {Delaware Valley Photographer}

We bought this house over two years ago and are slowly removing traces of the previous owners. One of the most gratifying changes has been changing out the two bowl sink into a one bowl sink.  A simple change but so gratifying.  The previous faucet had to be lifted with two hands and the sprayer got stuck on.  The new faucet and sprayer work like a charm.  The new sink is so large that it can easily hold anything I throw at it.  It also allowed me to do something that I had been anxious to do since my daughter was born…give her a sink bath.  She loved it and I see many more sink baths in her future.

These are the quiet moments that I want to cherish and is why I always have my camera on hand.  I also want my children to have pictures with me in them as well so I finally jumped in despite my messy hair and frumpy clothes.  :)








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