Three and Fabulous {Wilmington, Delaware Child Photographer}

When a mom comes to me with a super cute idea, I get giddy.  This mom wanted to do a stylized shoot for her daughter’s 3rd birthday with a poolside, retro nod.  Combine that idea with an adorable red head and magic happens.  We were nervous because there was a storm a brewin’ plus we were right next to a pool with a small child.  Thankfully, mother nature was kind and waited until the end of our session for the rain to start.  Even though I have a slight obsession with backlighting, the lack of sun made things easier since we did not have to worry about exact placement, there was no chance of squinting, and the lighting was wonderfully even.  Check out this stylish three year old and please comment with some birthday love for her!!!

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June 2015: ProjectTen

ProjectTen: Ten women. 
Ten photos.
On day ten.

This post is being posted in July but should have been posted in June.  The excitement that comes with the summer got me all out of sorts.  One of the biggest signs of summer in our house is my son’s love of catching frogs in our back yard.  I love being out of the cold grip of the winter weather and enjoy spending time in the easy warm weather of summer.

This time I included some images taken on my cell phone as well.  I know the purpose of this project is to get images on my “big girl camera”, but sometimes, there is something about the spontaneity of a cell phone capture.   

There are so many talented ladies participating in this project,  please take the time to check out their pages as well:



lisa o’brien - (wrentham, massachusetts) - HTTPS://WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/LISAOBRIENPHOTO

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June 2015: Kids Were Here


It has been awhile since I’ve posted with the Kids Were Here gang…the majority of the images are from our annual trip to Anna Maria Island.  The kids stuff is much more manageable when reduced to just the necessities you keep in your carry on.  Vacations really make me want to reduce the amount of stuff we have in our house.  The kids really do play with the same toys every day and I wonder why we keep the extras around.  Plus their “remnants” are much more pleasing to see when it is only a few things.  :O)

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A very happy wedding…{Fort Washington, PA}


One of my dear college friends got married yesterday.  She is one of my fellow interior designer friends.  Most people don’t realize how that type of major completely takes over your life but also creates very strong bonds with your classmates.  It is not a major for the timid.  Our class size dropped 50% from freshman year to our senior year.  Only the strong survive.  We spent countless hours in the architecture building (aka THE STUDIO) developing concepts, building models, drawing plans, elevations, axons, and perspectives.  It was a building that we spent so much time in that we brought in beds, radios, tvs, mini fridges to help sustain our contained world.  It was a place where your parents would call the building pay phone in order to reach you.  (This was the mid to late nineties so cell phones were only used in a case of emergency.)  I love my design friends dearly.  We managed through the demanding work loads by talking, dancing, singing, etc while we worked and had some fantastic memories.  There aren’t too many majors where you work through the night together and make food runs to Wawa at 3 am.  Where you see people in the same outfit for days because they working so hard that they haven’t gone back to their room in lord knows how long.  Where you have to go to the drugstore at 4 am for nail polish remover because one of the architects glues their hand to their roof.  (Ryan, I am talking to you.)  Where they come to wake you in your townhouse because they know you probably fell asleep while taking a shower and don’t want you to drown.  We did not have the typical college experience that my husband experienced while at Penn State or the kind you see in the movies but I loved it just the same.  When she first introduced me to her now husband, I knew she met THE ONE…you learn to read these things after years of “surviving the trenches together”.  I am so happy that we have sustained our friendship over the years and to have been a part of her very special day.

I was not the hired photographer but offered to do some videotaping.  However, I could not help but snap a few shots…it’s a sickness I tell you.  The couple was beaming from ear to ear so it was very hard to resist capturing such joy.  Plus when you bring together a bunch of college friends that don’t get to see each other as often as they would like and their kids are home with babysitters, it is a good time.

God Bless you both.  We wish you a lifetime of happiness together.

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First Holy Communion {Longwood Gardens}

When I first started my business, this was one of the first families I photographed.  It was for their Christmas cards and for a canvas at home.  They were so adorable and so super easy.  It is great to be able to photograph them over the years and watch them grow.  Our latest session was for the little girl’s First Holy Communion.  She is growing from an adorable toddler to a beautiful young girl.  Still so easy to photograph.  This time it was for her First Holy Communion but, even though it was early April, nothing was in bloom so we headed to the famous Longwood Gardens.  (If you’ve never been then I highly recommend it.)  We timed things wonderfully so the light was streaming through the windows of the conservatory.  We toured the building and found so many great pockets of light with fantastic greenery.   Her big brother was adorable and kept finding little nooks for us to photograph in.  They are an awesome brother – sister team.  P.S.: How adorable is the American Girl doll in matching Communion dress?

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