A boy and his frog {Philadelphia Child Photographer}


When my son was born I did not realize how many quintessential boy moments would be happening as he grows up.  Our house is filled with trains, planes, cars, dinosaurs, and wild animals.  His most current obsession is catching frogs in our backyard.  He’ll spend hours patiently waiting and tracking in order to catch a frog.  He is a natural with a frog in his hand.  Gently inspecting the frog’s legs, eyes, belly.  Gingerly holding him so he is not hurt.

I love watching these classic childhood moments and feel privileged to be there to see him daily.  It is the reason I work so hard to be a work from home mom.  It is why I stay up way too late or get up early in order to get work done.  I want to see these moments daily.  I want to be able to share in his joy and photograph it as it happens.  These are my most precious memories that make life worth living.

Frogs always bring these two together.  They have a mutual fascination that eliminates the bickering and makes for a happy, peaceful moments filled with laughter.

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Young Love {Philadelphia Photographer}


Currently being deeply ensconced in a world where date nights with the hubby consist of passing out on the sofa after putting the kids to bed…it is so refreshing to see young love.  This session was taken purely to celebrate their relationship and they were adorable together and so much fun.  Having a couple that will take direction and climb trees is a fantastic combo.

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2014 June Kids Were Here

The latest addition to our house has been a clothesline in our backyard.  It is actually very therapeutic to hang the clothes on the line.  I try to remind myself that the clothes won’t always be this small and innocent.

Enjoying the fact that their transportation is very adorable and requires no gas.

Side note…we don’t allow them to use the bouncy ball while the grill is on.

Much of our summer has been spent in this section of our deck.  The kids love looking through the window while I’m washing dishes.

Make shift water table.  ;O)

We are a group of photographers documenting details of evidence that kids were here.  Make sure to check out the other amazing women documenting their proof here:  http://kidswerehere.wordpress.com/

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3 Generations of Memories {Anna Maria Island, Florida}

What happens when you combine a photographer, a beautiful location, and three generations of friends and family?  A huge amount of photos that you can’t bear to eliminate.  This is our third family vacation to Anna Maria Island.  Every year just as fantastic as the last.  It is a wonderfully tranquil place that allows you to leave the stresses of home behind and just concentrate on those you love.  There is no boardwalk or even any major retailers.  Just a quaint main street dotted with adorable stores and restaurants.  If you stay on the island, you can travel by foot or bike easily.

Last year during this trip, our daughter was only 2 months old.  I spent a lot of time at the house with her during the peak of day and slowly transitioned to a family of four with the help of many friends and family members.  A necessity since she had colic.  I was breastfeeding, baby wearing, and loosely following the attachment parenting model.  It was highly rewarding but also very exhausting.  This year, she was 14 months old and super independent.  She is walking, “talking”, climbing, eating solids and drinking milk, and insanely funny.  The other plus was that now her and her brother can actually do things together, which is so heart warming.

My son was 2 when we started coming down to Anna Maria.  It is amazing to look back at the pictures to see just how much he has changed over the years.  No longer a toddler with a round face and limited vocabulary.  He is now long and lean with a huge vocabulary.  He is now doing “big boy” things like going out on the kayak with his dad to catch fish.  I’m trying to appreciate that it won’t be long before he won’t want to be spending every second with us during a vacation..before a quiet place like this may seem boring.  Right now, it is a highly anticipated trip that we all equally enjoy.

One of the best parts of this vacation is the addition of our childhood friends.  These people have seen me through it all and have known me since I was a baby.  They are family to me and I am so grateful that we can continue to make memories as our families grow.  Last year the twins were only 6 months old…just sitting up and with a little bit of hair.   Now all three girls have started playing with each other and starting their own little friendship, one that I hope they continue through adulthood.  There is something special about having people in your life that knew you as a baby.

We started out our vacation just north of Tampa visiting some dear friends that used to live up north.  It is wonderful to be able to add them onto our family vacation because it ensures we see them at least once a year.  They were gracious enough to take us out on their boat to one of their favorite little islands.  The boys got to fish while the girls got to relax on the beach.  It was perfect.

Thank you all for a wonderful vacation filled with so many amazing memories.

A special thank you to my parents for starting this tradition and making this all happen.  Your generosity and love is always amazing and we will be forever grateful.  xoxo


Making Memories from Cape May to Cape Cod

When I first met my husband it was in a loud bar and I thought he said his name was Armani.  The next day my girlfriend so kindly reminded me that it was Omari.  He was the first Omari I had ever met.  My grandmother once called him Atari.  My friend’s dad called him Mario.  Many people have called him Omar.  So I was amazed when I found out that one of his closest high school friends was also named Omari.

Two Omaris sharing a namesake has created a special bond.  One that, even though they live over 6 hours away, we try to see each other at least once a year.  Sometimes more.  Both Omaris having wives that get along so well helps.  Over the past few years, there have been a number of milestones to celebrate.  Weddings, new homes, pregnancies, babies…things that we didn’t want to miss out on.   It is for these special relationships that you go out of your way and make sure you are there for the big milestones.  We ping pong between the suburbs of Philadelphia and Boston celebrating these big events.  They are incredible with our kids, not just the read a book on their lap and give them a high five kind of relationship.  They are crawl on the floor, carry on their back, run on the beach kind of incredible with the kids.  For that we are so grateful.  For that I am so glad to have my  camera around to help document these special times.

Here is an image from their wedding rehearsal in Massachusetts.  Their wedding pictures can be seen here.


Followed by a trip to Cape May, NJ around their one year anniversary.



Last year, we got to see them before they had their first baby…which was also when they got to meet our second baby for the first time.  This time it was in Cape Cod instead of Cape May, which was so pretty but too short a visit.


This year was back to Cape May.  I love watching our “gang” slowly expanding.  The kids get along amazingly well.  When together, everything is just easy.  I’m excited to see where our next adventure brings us.

I can’t wait for our next adventure.  Love you guys!


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