March 2015: ProjectTEN

ProjectTen: Ten women. 
Ten photos.
On day ten.

Our third month of focusing on our families in addition to our clients.  This has been a wonderful project because I have found myself picking up my camera way more than I used to and capturing some wonderful memories of my children.  This month my baby turned 2 so the majority of the images focus on her.  Clearly no longer a baby…she will remind you she is a big girl..or sometimes a boy.  I love seeing her personality show and her vocabulary explode even more than it already has for a child her age.  

Being that my youngest is now two…she is very active and into everything.  Things like this happen when I turn my back for a moment.  Looks like a warrior…no?  

Drawing is big in our house.  I would say it is the number one activity and is a must daily.  My son is obsessed with dinosaurs and spends hours every day perfecting every type of dinosaur known to man.  I am proud of his devotion, dedication, and creativity.  The drawings continue to get more complex and I see a definite style that most adults are not capable of achieving.

Sleep is a bad word to my daughter.  She will fight naps and going to bed at night every day.  I think she feels like she is going to miss something.  Every once in awhile she’ll wake up earlier than normal.  When that happens…this is usually the end result.

Turning two was so much fun.  She was so excited to have her grandparents and uncle help celebrate with her.  We did a cupcake themed party that made her giddy.  The wonderful thing about being 2 is that expectations are so low and yet the celebration level is so high.

Much like everyone else that lives in a cold weather climate…the snow is making us a bit batty.  Every once in awhile I let my two year old use my 5 year old’s paints.  Paint usually ends up everywhere but the paper but it is a great sensory experience.

Ta-dah.  “For you Mommy.”  Bless her heart.

Signs of spring are finally here.  Yesterday we had temperatures in the 50s and things are finally starting to melt.  We were very grateful for some time at the park.  My son celebrated with Oreos.

And they’re off…

Being two and a little less fearful.  She went on the big kids slide…although she was very cautious and held onto the bars the whole length of the walkway.  This was a relief to mommy.

There are so many talented ladies participating in this project,  please take the time to check out their pages as well:

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Happy Second Birthday to my Sweet Pea.  

Dear Baby Girl,

Two years ago our family became complete.  Already a wife to a loving husband and mother of one beautiful boy, surrounded by amazing friends and family…I was already blessed.  It wasn’t until you came that I realized that we were not complete.  From the start you were so bright, aware, and happy.   You keep astounding me with how quickly you are to meet your milestones, way too advanced for my liking sometimes.  You are eager to catch up to your big brother that you adore.  One of my greatest joys in life is to see you guys playing together and hearing your laughter echo through the house.  You are my constant companion and my sanity.  In a world surrounded by so many wonderful males, I was so grateful to finally have my own partner in crime. You already love to paint your toes, put on “lipstick” (shhhh…it is really chapstick), and are a connoisseur of shoes.  Don’t mistake you for a damsel in distress though.  You are as strong as you are beautiful.  Strong and wise beyond your years, already showing excellent athletic skills when it comes to soccer and basketball and boy can you command a room.  I call you my sanity saver because you are so easy and helpful while also making me laugh along the way.  When I’m getting us ready to leave, you take the initiative to put your shoes and coat on all by yourself and without being asked. This may seem like a small thing but makes the biggest difference to me during moments of chaos.

Here are some of the many favorite moments from your first two years of life.  So many images are missing but one thing is clear…you are a truly happy person and you are deeply loved by so many.

A few photos from when I was pregnant with you by my extremely talented photographer friend: Claire Hudson.

Your first photo…brand new to the world.

Your brother was so excited to meet you and was super gentle from the start.

It took me awhile to take your birth announcement photos but what we lacked in timing we gained in personality.  Just a few months old and look how you shine.

I took this picture for a image contest…you were originally sleeping but woke up to me standing on a ladder over you and smiled.  This image just makes me so happy.

Every morning, your brother liked to take you out of your sleep sack as well as hold you…sometimes even taking you out of the crib on his own.  He will take good care of you as you grow up.

Your first vacation was to Anna Maria Island, Florida…only a few months old and you were on an airplane.  Your father and I plan to take you on so many trips during your childhood.  We want you to see the world.  (BTW – that is you in the tan baby carrier.)

While in Florida another insanely talented photographer friend, Ginger Unzueta, photographed us as a a family.  I was very eager to have a family photo of us.  As always, so little and still so much personality.

Your Uncle Ry Ry moved to Colorado the summer after you were born.  Thankfully we were blessed with beautiful weather right before he left.  This is my favorite picture of the two of you together.  You can see how much he will miss you.

One of the cutest things you did as a baby was with your lips…to me it shows how focused you can be…and adorable at the same time.

Working from home has its challenges, but being there to see all of your milestones makes every late night of editing or long weekend of shooting worthwhile.

This is you in your Christening gown.  It was actually a baby gap dress from the Just Between Friends Consignment sale.  I tried it on you during the sale and you delighted everyone that walked by…they all agreed this was the dress.

Another milestone…walking.  Your brother was eager to help you navigate the living room.  You were happy to have him as your guide.  

You actually wore multiple costumes on your first Halloween but this was your brother’s costume first and you actually loved wearing it.

Your first Christmas…the tissue paper was the most exciting part for you.

A cell phone capture but something that I want to remember when I am old and gray.  Every time I went to open the back of the car, I was greeted with this wonderful smile.

Your first snowstorm…one of many that winter.

During that very snowy winter, we tried to find other ways to be active in the house.  You and your brother invented this fun activity…

We are fortunate to have very generous neighbors.  This was a donated halloween costume where you just liked to wear the hat.  You were the cutest little lion around.

Your second trip to Florida…so much has changed since your first trip where you barely left the baby carrier.  You are a full fledge walker and talker.  SO much fun.

You and your grandparents…you can clearly see they are wrapped around your finger and love you so.

Another favorite Uncle Picture.  This one was Easter in NY.  You adore your Uncle Kris.

You and your brother do get along well most of the time…though you are not laughing or smiling, you are having fun together here.

You are not stingy with your affection and show us all hugs, kisses and cuddles on a regular basis.  I love these images with your grand mom on a warm summer afternoon in our backyard.

Being that daddy is one of three boys, he was caught off guard with just how much happiness a little girl would bring to our home.  Now he fully gets it and is totally in love.  You impress him daily.

We got a brand new sink last summer, my only regret was not getting it sooner so you could’ve taken more baths as a baby.  I love the light that comes in and the enjoyment you receive from playing in the sink.

Your second birthday party with your grandparents and uncle.  You were thrilled to have all of the attention, presents, and chocolate.  You have loved chocolate since you were in the womb.

Happy 2nd Birthday Sweet Pea.  I love you more than words and pictures can show.  xoxoxo, Mommy


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ProjectTEN: February

ProjectTen: Ten women. 
Ten photos.
On day ten.

Round Two of ProjectTEN.  I am loving having accountability when it comes to taking pictures of my children.  Every day I photograph them with my cell phone because it is so accessible but I really need to be more diligent when it comes to picking up my big girl camera.  Having a little push/reminder really does enable me to capture those precious moments that would have been stuck on my cell phone without the project.  I am thankful for the other lovely ladies in this project that are nudging each other along. Every once in a while I get the urge to go back to basics and do things the hard way.  I attempted to make pizza dough from scratch one Friday night.  All of the recipes I see online make it seem so easy.  Thankfully I had little hands to help.  It turned out ok but I definitely need some practice.

Whenever my mom goes away for the weekend, we make sure to have my father over for dinner since he is basically useless in the kitchen (sorry dad…you are great is so many other areas though.).  It is nice because it allows some one on one time with the grandkids without grand mom around.  My son is always so excited to play memory with him.  The background in the top photo below bothers me because of where the doorframe is coming in but I love the look on my son’s face as he talks to his grand pop.

He is also very excited when he is winning.

So much of my time home is spent in one corner of the kitchen.  Many nights, my daughter likes to keep me company by taking out all pots and pans.  Thankfully I had my camera on hand when Paul Simon came on the radio.  Jam on little one.

Camden, New Jersey’s Adventure Aquarium is now running a great exhibit called Dinosaurs of the Deep.  My son is dinosaur obsessed so I made sure to bring him to this exhibit soon after it opened.  We went on a Friday afternoon and were so lucky because the whole place was practically empty.  This allowed us to access everything so easily.  We even got to go into the shark tunnel without anybody else in it.

I attempted to get myself into one shot for this series.  My kids love when they ride on my legs and can do it for hours if I let them.  I try to count it as part of my exercise regime…does it count?

The east coast was supposed to get hit by a massive blizzard a few weeks ago but only the Boston area seemed to truly get hit with said blizzard.  My kids were upset that there wasn’t much snow but we made the most of it by playing in what snow was left.

My husband was working from home and was even able to pry himself away from his computer for a few minutes.  He is much  better at sledding with them and the kids had a blast.

There are so many talented ladies participating in this project,  please take the time to check out their pages as well:

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lisa o’brien - (wrentham, massachusetts) -

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Kids Were Here: February 2015

December bled into January with Christmas decorations.  Towards the end of Christmas break, I needed to take out some unused Christmas crafts for entertainment.  They were both excited to paint their own ornaments but I think that the skill level was for older kids…still cute to me.

Their new craft table is used regularly.  Our crayon collection has grown immensely, as does the amount of dinosaur drawings around the house.
I was blessed with being able to attend my son’s gingerbread house making event in his kindergarten class.  We had a blast decorating this together.
A combination of activity from both kids…my 2 year old loves her blocks and stickers…my son is obsessed with the dinosaurs.
We started using these great pastel crayons…they draw with a great hand.  Unfortunately, they can do a number to your furniture.
Long live the dinosaurs…my son has taken to drawing all sorts of dinosaurs and placing them around the house in scenes.
My favorite was the pterodactyl hanging from the microwave.
This one combines both the dinosaur cut outs with the sweetest present I have ever received from my son…my very own crown.  This boy does treat me like a queen and I am so thankful for his love.
This year’s supposed blizzard turned out to be a bust but the kids were still excited for what snow did come so we made the best of it.  Here are their little footsteps in freshly fallen snow.
Later Daddy came out for a little sledding that they both enjoyed.
I am grateful to be a part of this Kids Were Here group.   Please hop on the blog to see the work from the other amazing photographers.

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Growing Family of Four {Philadelphia Family Photographer – Ridley Creek State Park}

About four years ago, I photographed a very close friend’s sister and her family down at the Jersey Shore.  To this day, it is still one of my favorite sessions.  The early morning light was amazing and you really can’t get any cuter than their 6 month old son.  Here is the original blog post if you would like to see the rest of the cuteness.

Fast forward 3 years and that family of three has expanded to a soon to be family of 5.  Now they have two little boys so the cuteness has doubled plus they are expecting a new addition in just a few short months.  We were blessed to get another day of beautiful weather, this time at sunset.  Watching babies grow is a joy and honor.  Seeing them change from an only child to a big brother is so heart warming.  These two were adorable together.  Mom even told me that big brother asked if he could put a picture of his little brother from the session in his bedroom.  How sweet!!!! In addition to watching the kids grow, I love seeing parents go from new parents trying to figure it all out to experienced, confident parents that has this parenting thing covered.

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