Golfing with Grandpop

The past couple of days have brought spring like temperatures.  Something that may seem like a mirage after the record breaking winter we just endured.  With my son’s first birthday just passing and my father’s ## birthday quickly approaching, I thought it seemed fitting that I finally post an outing of them together last fall.  A beautiful day for some memory making.  Love these two.  Happy Birthday Guys!

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Life of a One Year Old


To the outsider, a day with a one year old is probably really boring.  However, to a mother, these are the moments that I will miss the most.  The little developments that are made daily are something I feel so fortunate to witness.

A birthday gift from a dear friend, this stool has become a new favorite toy.

For someone that is so tiny, it seems like she is always eating…happily.

Berries are her favorite…if you can’t tell.

And when she is done, she tries to feed the cat.

As a fairly new walker, she has become quite skilled.  Having her just pitter patter around the house doing random things tickles me to no end.  I wish this stage could last much longer.



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The {H} Family (Delaware Valley Photographer)

This is a long overdue blog post from a perfect day last fall.  This family was beautiful and so super easy to photograph.  Big brother is super sweet, smart and cute.  The age difference made their relationship even more endearing.  I would have taken them both home with me if mom and dad would have let me.  :O)  Little brother was absolutely adorable.   Look at those big doe eyes.  Could you die?

This family does not take a bad picture.  I love how carefree and natural they are together.  You can feel how close they are as a family.

Since I have breastfed both my children, I always feel a special bond when a fellow breastfeeding mom wants to capture that wonderful experience on camera.  She is obviously a pro.

Let’s not forget about mom and dad. Sometimes the last time they had their picture professionally taken was at their wedding so I try to get one with them without the kids as often as possible.

I had to end with this last image.  This face is just too much to handle.

My goal for every client is to have beautiful images of their family adorning their wall.  Custom photography is an investment and you should walk away with something to treasure in the end.  Since selecting an image from your gallery to print can be a daunting task, I have software that can help minimize the stress.  Here is a preview for a proposed installation of what images I thought would look great hung together for this client.  A stock photo was used to create the preview in this instance, however, an image of your space can also be used.

Installation Preview



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2014 February – Kids Were Here

It has been awhile since I’ve participated in the Kids Were Here project and have missed it so.  This project has definitely helped me remain calm during times were I was going to lose it.  It has also recorded so many memories that would have otherwise would have gone accounted for by my camera.  Capturing these little messes and remnants will help me have a more vivid memory of their childhood.  For that I am so grateful.

Claire Bunn Photography

Cars is the new obsession in the house.  These charming faces greet us all throughout the house.  This year my son will be 5 and have a Cars themed birthday party.  I can not believe it has been 5 years already.  It is all going to fast.  How do I slow it down?

A little positive encouragement is always appreciated when in the bathroom.  :O)

Pancakes were the previous favorite for breakfast.  It then became frozen waffles.  It is now waffles in the waffle iron.  Gavin says I am a “super duper waffler”, which is his way of shmoozing me into doing something that he wants to do.  (I think he’ll be a good salesman one day.)  He no longer likes the frozen waffles and wants me to make the “Big Waffles”.  My favorite  waffle related question has been “Mommy, are you done ironing my waffles?”.  lol

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