Let me help you this holiday season…Fall Sessions are here!

Summer went by like a flash and I can’t believe the school year is quickly approaching…or is already here for some.  Before we know it, the holidays will be here.  Why not reduce your holiday stress and have both your holiday pictures as well as holiday cards handled by me?  Trust me when I say the investment will save you time, energy, and a lot of screaming at your family.

Leave your tripod at home so you can easily get into the picture with your family.  Let me handle the children so you don’t have to force a smile or chase down a toddler.  Let me edit the best of the best images for you so you are not sitting in front of your computer late into the night.  Let me coordinate your favorite image with the perfect card so you are not overwhelmed by all of the card choices there are nowadays.  Let me give you that extra hand that is so desperately needed at the holidays.  We know that you are already taking care of the food, the shopping, the wrapping, and getting everyone out to the festivities.  Let me take care of this part for you so you can spend more time enjoying your time with your family.  You have already noticed that they are getting so big and it won’t be long before Santa isn’t as big a deal.  Treasure this time and use the fact that you have a few less to dos on your list to take a breath and actually have a moment to celebrate all of the memories that are happening around you.

My $150 session fee (plus 6% sales tax) includes (50) custom holiday cards but does not include prints or digital files.  Prints and digitals can be purchased separately from three different collections. Please contact me to get specifics about the collections at: info@clairebunnphotography.com.

Fall Mini Sessions

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Splish, Splash…the joys of a GoPro Camera {Philadelphia Lifestyle Photographer}


Took my GoPro to my god daughter’s 3rd birthday party and had so much fun with her.  I think she is actually part mermaid.  If you don’t have a GoPro then I highly suggest you pick one up.  They are so much fun to bring to the pool or the beach.  They are highly protected so you don’t need to worry about sand or water. These images are all enhanced a little but they results that come straight out of the camera are impressive. I’m still trying to figure out all of the details but having fun in the process.

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Womb Buddies

When I met my friend, Anyelis, we were both pregnant with our first child and taking a birthing class together.  We met again in a breastfeeding class and decided this must be fate bringing us together.  It wasn’t long before we started depending on each other regularly while we made this gigantic transition into motherhood.  Our sons became each other’s first friends and we became each other’s sanity savers.  I’m not sure if I would’ve survived that first year without her.  I am grateful to have watched our boys grow together and blessed again when their sisters came into the world.  I can’t believe those little babies we were completely overwhelmed by are going to start 1st grade next month.  I love that their little sisters are getting bigger and taking part in our adventures together.  Here is a link to the newborn session I did of her last year.  What a difference a year makes.

What the difference a year makes…





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Sunflowers and Sunshine

I met fellow photographer, Sara Smith Garcia, online and have been “virtual” friends for a few years now.  She is a very talented photographer and I love her creativity.  Plus, her sweetness was apparent from the start.  Also, we both take part in a great photography project called the Kids Were Here, which documents evidence that your kids were present.  While visiting my brother in law in Colorado, we were finally able to get together with each other in person.  It was great to meet her and her family in person, especially since I’ve watched her children grow.  We were able to take the kids to play at a local park that had this fantastic garden, with huge sunflowers and mountains in the background.  Of course we had to bring our cameras with us. Here are a few images from our time together…

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Baby Blue Eyes


“A smile from a child is packaged sunshine and rainbows.” ~ Unknown

Six months old is probably one of my favorite ages to photograph.  They can sit up on their own but they can’t go anywhere.  Score for the photographer!  Seeing their eyes light up or have them react with a whole hearted giggle is the best.  This little guy is my neighbor and my daughter is obsessed with him.  She loves to dote on him and gets so excited to see him.  Those blue eyes of his are already having an affect on the ladies.

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