Kids Were Here: February 2015

December bled into January with Christmas decorations.  Towards the end of Christmas break, I needed to take out some unused Christmas crafts for entertainment.  They were both excited to paint their own ornaments but I think that the skill level was for older kids…still cute to me.

Their new craft table is used regularly.  Our crayon collection has grown immensely, as does the amount of dinosaur drawings around the house.
I was blessed with being able to attend my son’s gingerbread house making event in his kindergarten class.  We had a blast decorating this together.
A combination of activity from both kids…my 2 year old loves her blocks and stickers…my son is obsessed with the dinosaurs.
We started using these great pastel crayons…they draw with a great hand.  Unfortunately, they can do a number to your furniture.
Long live the dinosaurs…my son has taken to drawing all sorts of dinosaurs and placing them around the house in scenes.
My favorite was the pterodactyl hanging from the microwave.
This one combines both the dinosaur cut outs with the sweetest present I have ever received from my son…my very own crown.  This boy does treat me like a queen and I am so thankful for his love.
This year’s supposed blizzard turned out to be a bust but the kids were still excited for what snow did come so we made the best of it.  Here are their little footsteps in freshly fallen snow.
Later Daddy came out for a little sledding that they both enjoyed.
I am grateful to be a part of this Kids Were Here group.   Please hop on the blog to see the work from the other amazing photographers.

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Growing Family of Four {Philadelphia Family Photographer – Ridley Creek State Park}

About four years ago, I photographed a very close friend’s sister and her family down at the Jersey Shore.  To this day, it is still one of my favorite sessions.  The early morning light was amazing and you really can’t get any cuter than their 6 month old son.  Here is the original blog post if you would like to see the rest of the cuteness.

Fast forward 3 years and that family of three has expanded to a soon to be family of 5.  Now they have two little boys so the cuteness has doubled plus they are expecting a new addition in just a few short months.  We were blessed to get another day of beautiful weather, this time at sunset.  Watching babies grow is a joy and honor.  Seeing them change from an only child to a big brother is so heart warming.  These two were adorable together.  Mom even told me that big brother asked if he could put a picture of his little brother from the session in his bedroom.  How sweet!!!! In addition to watching the kids grow, I love seeing parents go from new parents trying to figure it all out to experienced, confident parents that has this parenting thing covered.

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From Belly to Baby with one cute pup.

Last spring I met an adorable couple expecting their first child with one seriously cute dog.  It took some restraint to not try to take this dog  home with me.  Here is there beautiful maternity session in full.

Fast forward a few months and that adorable pup became a big sister to one sweet boy.

As you can see here, these two are not easily separated.

Family of four…

One of my favorite parts of newborn photography, aside from the insanely cute squishy babies, is seeing the nursery.  So many parents impress me with their nurseries.  This mom made the super cute watercolor animal prints herself.  This room is so bright, cheery, and just plain happy.  So much attention to detailed and paired down to perfection.  Plus it touches my heart that the mobile was once Daddy’s when he was little.

Sometimes when baby is approaching nap time, a little fresh air is all that is needed.

See..a little fresh air brought smiles to his face.  Mommy and baby nose to nose just kills me.

And then it was naptime…how sweet that he is holding his mother’s necklace.

Now rejuvenated and ready to smile and laugh with mommy again.  How can you resist that face and those feet?

A wonderful way to end a  session…snuggles with mom in bed.

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The Joy of Working with a Fellow Photographer {Delaware Family Photographer}

Sometimes you meet a family and immediately find out you have so much in common.  Mom is a fellow photographer that also shoots with a Nikon D700 and adores backlighting was our instant connection.  Fellow mom of two, split level home owner, plus lover of mid century modern and Ikea are a few others.  Top that all with a gorgeous family with awesome bow ties and union jack socks and you have one happy photographer.

We had an awesome concert to attend in the living room with the cutest music stand.

All too often, mom and dad do not have a photo of them together since their wedding.  During every session, I like to get a few couples shots, especially since I know now that kids are in the picture, this is a rarity.  When the parents are this gorgeous, it makes my job very easy.

It was a brisk but sunny December day so we decided to brave the temperatures for a quick trip to Bellevue State Park.  They are taking down this super cool building with these wonderful green textured walls.  Don’t they understand that photographers can use this building?

Can you tell that the bitter cold wind was blowing in their face?

The downfall of being the photographer in the family is that you are never in the family photos.  Over time it adds up and becomes a real problem.  How will your children get to appreciate the special times you spent together if they never see you in them.  I was honored to capture those special moments with mom and her two boys, knowing that she has so many beautiful photos of her husband with the boys.  The boys were so adorable with mom.  

And doesn’t every mother need a picture of them eskimo kissing with their child?  My answer is yes.  They are the cutest.



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Family fun in Old New Castle, DE {Delaware Family Photographer}

When I first read this mom’s email, there was a whisper of panic in her voice.  It is a panic I think every parent feels when they realize how quickly their children are growing.  The once cherubic babies that they rocked at 3 am are now half way to adulthood.  Life becomes so busy as they get bigger…between school, friends, and sports/activities, there doesn’t seem to be enough time to just slow down and concentrate on each other.  This is where I feel like a family photo session really benefits a family.  It forces everyone to take a few hours and just focus (no pun intended) on each other while having fun. Mom had requested that we shoot in Old New Castle, Delaware.  Being born and raised in Delaware, I had to admit that I hadn’t been there since I was a child but was thrilled when I went to scout out the locations.  Old New Castle is small but adorable.  It is situated right on the water and is full of character.  This is a location that I will be returning to often. We actually had to battle some cold temperatures and bouts of rain but this family was so much fun that you would never know.  They are a beautiful family that were perfectly dressed and up for anything.

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